Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Guilt vs Freedom from the Internet

I've got so many musings I want to post on this of course is the fabulous subject of "Winning" (you know the one, you break up with someone and you're never really free because at the end of the day you want to 'Win').  So I suffer from Blog Guilt.  Yes, although I WANT to write on the blog, I find it hard to get the chance (which I will explain why in the next paragraph) so I suffer from the guilt for not contributing.

On the other hand, I don't have internet at home...hard to grasp the concept I know.  The only time I access the internet is in my lunch breaks at work (two days a week) - if I have time.  Now this is choice.  Last birthday hubby said he wanted to get me a laptop and internet for my birthday.  I thought about it and it really hit me how much I love the freedom of NOT having the internet ie. feeling like I 'should' check Facebook namely (I also really wanted a pair of not necessary leather boots so opted for that).  I love that I get in contact with Friends, old and new, if I need to via Facebook and other mediums.  However, I am also enjoying the old school of not having the internet at my fingers and information overload.  Ignorance really is bliss!

So I suffer from blog guilt due to restrictions on when I can write something, but at the same time love the freedom of not having the internet close at hand....its a strange balance!

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  1. I think I have the opposite problem! Because I am on the computer a fair bit and always writing etc for work, I find that I get online-fatigue and therefore lack the motivation to blog. Even though blogging is what I'd rather be doing than work-related online stuff (and am always walking around with blogs in my head!!!
    Maybe we need to go back to the goold ol' fashioned writing of topics in a notebook -then we can just transribe our blogs when we find the time!